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      River, who are you?



So many people are like “Capaldi is a Doctor Who fan, he’ll tell Moffat what’s what”

Are you kidding me? Those two nerds are just going to be geeking out at each other the entire time. They are both super knowledgeable about the show.

I’ve been reading posts on tumblr about how there’s rumours of “tension” and how they’re yelling at each other on set.


Actors respect their writers. Just like writers respect their actors.

Matt stood his ground on many occasions where Moffat had different choices in mind, they would stop the roll and talk, and many times Matt’s acting choices were respected because it was his interpretation of the character. Moffat never tried to control it then, why would he do so with a much more seasoned actor who has incredible breath and understanding?

So don’t come into my house and tell me that Capaldi is going to teach Moffat what’s what. They’re both colleagues who respect each other’s work and respect the precedents that have been set by the history of the show.

If they’re fighting over anything, it’s which move comes next in their secret Scottish handshake. “IT’S THE PINKY BUMP STEVEN I SHOULD BE LEARNING LINES RIGHT NOW” “NO PETER THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT WHAT ABOUT THE PEACE SIGN NEXT”



"I think the Doctor loves River in a way that he doesn’t love anyone else"
-Matt Smith


"It can become a kind of franchise where it’s not a real character at all", cautioned Capaldi, "but just an amalgam of elements that people think are Doctor Who: a scarf, a bow tie… I wanted to be the actual Doctor Who.”

Oh, Donna Noble. I am so sorry.


finding a new favorite character like




;and i can’t pull it any longer, the sun is beating down my neck

;so i ran with the devil, left a trail of excuses

;when i offer you survival, you say it’s hard enough to live, don’t tell me that it’s over, stand up poor and tired

;we’re gonna make it, out of the fire, higher and higher.

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 M U T A T I O N



Happiness is nothing but temporary moments here and there - and I love those. But I would be bored out of my mind if I were happy all the time.”

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