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"The light was so dim that Jaime could scarcely see her, though they stood a scant few feet apart. ‘In this light she could almost be a beauty’, he thought. ‘In this light she could almost be a knight’."—A Storm of Swords (for diet-ragles​)

The Companions + hair porn


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11) Why do you ship River/Doctor as opposed to other ships?

Because I love pain. 

Because the moment River came onscreen, I saw a Doctor that I had never seen before. This woman who was clever and confident had brought out the Doctor’s own insecurities. A 1200 year old Timelord that knew it all finally had someone who challenged him.

Then she caressed his face and I was lost. Because she didn’t just know him, she knew him intimately. And that meant she was different. And she was! She understood his world of time-travel in a way that made them equals. He didn’t have to slow himself down when she was around. He talked to her as if he were talking to his own reflection in a mirror. And it was magic.

All the other ships seem to pale in comparison to how perfectly they reflected each other from the start. They were the same.

And I mean, I’d seen the lone soldier back from war, depressed and angry at the world, ready to be healed up. I saw the saviour and the Timelord victorious. I saw the optimist and the dreamer and I saw every Doctor as the hero over and over again when he traveled with Rose, Jack, Martha, Donna, Amy, Rory, Clara, and Craig - but the only time I ever saw the regular man, was when he was with River. No hiding from her or lying to her. She always knew.

He was no hero, he was no soldier, he was no saviour, he was just her husband - who happened to dabble. ;)

How could I not ship something so sincere?

19) What is your favourite Alex Kingston quote about River/Doctor?

"Up until the arrival of River Song, the female companions were always completely innocent or inexperienced when it came to anything like time travel. The Doctor was always the one who was teaching and supporting and taking these women on this sort of amazing journey. And River adds a slightly different dimension to every episode she’s involved in because she’s coming to him as an equal."

20) What is your favorite Moffat quote about River/Doctor?

"I quite like the farewell, the goodbye. And completely unremarked, but it’s the first time we ever actually see the Doctor kiss somebody else. Not get kissed, but actually grab somebody and go for it. It’s the first time ever, that he does it, clearly with lustful intent… that’s probably my favourite.”

21) Do you want to see more River/Doctor interaction in 12’s era?

In the words of Hannah, "WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" end quote. 

I am going to go with YES and HELLS YES. 

In the words of Steven Moffat, I want to see them "pawing their hooves on the floor at each other."

there’s a first time for everything…
and a last time

Anonymous: 17 PLEASE 

17) If you were to write a River/Doctor episode, what would it be about?

It would be called: The Time of the River

SYNOPSIS: All the Doctors, past and present, find themselves fighting in an arena to save River from the Master. After a bloody battle the Master escapes and only two of the Doctors survive. They take River to an ice castle in the Mountains of Erindale to keep her safe but River soon realises that one Doctor sparkles in the sun and has been turned into a Vampire, while the other has been turned into a werewolf. Forced to choose between beastiality and necromancy, River builds a giant robot and goes into the ocean to think but giant monsters suddenly begin to rise up from the deep! With the Doctors insecurely fighting, it’s up to her to save the world. Suddenly joined by Tony Stark, River and Tony drift to fight off the Kaiju. Finally with someone more human, River is bored and decides to go back home, but the two Doctors have been captured by two hunters who she soon finds out are called… the Winchesters. River must then call upon her Pokemon to help her find and rescue her two true loves. The end. 

With 50 alternate titles of which some are: ”The Whonger Games”  ”Skylight” ”Gotta Catch Them all(ive)” ”There is a Time to Sleep, but Not Today, or Anyday” “Die Hard but Keep Coming Back” “Iron Man 4” “Until Death do us Part for like, 3 Episodes” and “All the Doctors Love River Song”

BONUS: The making of: “The Avengers: Melody Pond and The Age of the Pokemon Master” 

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when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, 
however improbable, must be the truth
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Together. Or not at all.

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listening to dw comicon panel

hannah: i would srsly buy that show just to put river back in it forever

me: YES HANNAH get really rich and buy the show!



*fist pump*

Anonymous: 6-8 :D 

6) Happiest R/D moment? 

Their first date. I mean, the Doctor looked at River with an anticipation I only imagine every companion has ever dreamed of. He’s completely besotted and you can tell that this isn’t a joke for him, it’s so real. He’s ready.

He’s like, “Yeah, this is it, this is actually it, I’m going on a date, a proper date, I changed my clothes, I picked the place, it’s like super romantic, that’s right I still got it! OMG SHE IS INSIDE. EVERYONE. SHE JUST WALKED INSIDE. SHE IS INSIDE THE TARDIS. TARDIS SHE IS INSIDE YOU. I CANT BREATH OMG I FORGOT HOW TO BREATH HOW DO I BREATH WAIT I AM BREATHING OK I AM BREATHING. EVERYONE. I AM OK.” 

It is so adorable.

I also love their final meeting in The Name of the Doctor. I think that even though it was properly devastating, it was also one of the happiest moments they had had in a very long time. 

7) Saddest River/Doctor moment? 

When the Doctor wakes up handcuffed to the wall and sees River getting ready for the download. I think that’s when he finally understands why he’s never met her before. And so does she.

8) Funniest River/Doctor moment? 

Oh man, I have so many! I love when River regenerates and the Doctor is literally in shock until she knocks him out of his comatose by giving him an erection. I mean, it’s just quality television right there. ;) 

And happy (late) River Doctor Appreciation Day!

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Fuck you, Wilf was the best companion. 

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Screw writing ‘strong’ women. Write characters who are people. [x]


Do you ever see something someone posted, and you’re just like NO YOU ARE WRONG but you think to yourself, “This isn’t the hill I want to die on” so you have to let it go?