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My sunshine my only sunshine

(if there’s ever gonna be a River spin off comic book, i’m gonna a) cry because that’s all i want b) cry because i probably will never be someone who draws River as a job)

So what do we do with a moral Dalek then?


josh-the-poet answered your post: Hey guys! My friend and I are having a…

i think that being able to be in silence with someone is one of the most beautiful things there is in life.

Awwww! :]  Well, if the silence is the kind that is occasionally broken by Perls and her pterodactyl screeching every night, it might not be as beautiful.


WOW Hansberry Jam. 

You want to play this game? Fine. We’ll play this game. 

I may do occasional pterodactyl screeches, but whenever Hannah reads something slightly interesting/disturbing/cool/weird/unknown she takes these short consecutive high pitched breaths that sound like someone is inflating a chipmunk with a balloon pump. 

josh-the-poet answered your post: melodypond: Hey guys! My friend and I…

i think that being able to be in silence with someone is one of the most beautiful things there is in life.

ME TOO! One of my favourite things to do with my ex boyfriend was read in a room together. We wouldn’t speak or cuddle we would just sit in different parts of the room writing or reading. If you can have comfortable silences with someone, you know that relationship is special. 

ohthewhomanity asked: Sometimes a bunch of my friends and I will put on a group skype voice call in the evening, and just sit doing whatever on our own (video games, tumblr, etc) making comments to each other every once in a while. But a lot of it is silent, too.

Yeah, see that’s kinda what we do! And it’s great right? It’s like you’re virtually meeting up.

Still, I’m convinced that most people don’t do this at all. Hannah and I do this almost every day. Even my mom has started to greet Hannah when she see’s me sitting alone because she knows Hannah is probably on the phone nearby… 

this gif is literally us on the phone

meohmycroft asked: Oh my gosh I've never done the phone thing but it's so cute. Now I want to try it...

OMG YES! You should do it! I am a huge fan of this. But only because we can honestly focus on our work.

Don’t do it with a friend that will distract you! Both Hannah and I are really serious about getting our readings and work done so being on the phone helps us stay awake and feel less alone as we muddle through our textbooks into the night. 

Sometimes we’ll take breaks because something we’re working on is interesting and spawns a debate but usually we’ll work silently until one of us goes, “OK, I’m DOOOOONEEE!!!!”. 



30 Days of Doctor Who
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Hey guys! My friend and I are having a debate about whether or not this is true and would like your input:

Have you ever studied/worked (regularly, not just a once in a lifetime kind of thing) in silence over the phone with a friend for 2+ hours?


We are working on different things at the same time but we’re on the phone and we don’t really talk. We’ll make random comments and then keep working. Also we’ll sing independently, go to the bathroom, pet our fish, all the things and the other person is still on the phone in silence. For usually 3+ hours because the call drops somewhere in between the first hour and a half. I don’t know anyone who does this on a daily basis. Ok fine, usually 4 out of the 7 weekdays , BUT STILL.


it makes me feel better knowing she’s an assassin

That’s why they put the I in FBI.


30 Days of Who
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«When one’s in love with an ageless god who insists on the face of a twelve-year-old, one does one’s best to hide the damage

Arthur and Matt discussing Alex at Canada Fan Expo. [Video Credit]

Keep that. Go on, that’s yours.
Quite a big moment really